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Let's Talk Wedding Veils

I have a love/ hate relationship with wedding veils. There are some stunning veils out there which look amazing along with your dress but they can also hide the intricate detailing of your hair and dress.

If you're not sure whether or not to wear a veil on your wedding day, I've made a list of a couple of pros and cons to help you decide along with some helpful advice if you do decide to wear one.

The Pro's

Wedding veils can add a traditional touch to any bridal look and are lovely if you want to feel slightly more covered up. They look fab walking down any aisle and you can get some amazing photos with the veil as a prop, if you like.

Your wedding day is also the only day you're most likely to wear a veil, unless you're planning on having a FRIENDS night in. Some brides have admitted to feeling less 'bridal' without them and think that they complete their desired look.

The Con's

The other side of the veil saga is, they can cover up your fabulous hairstyle which really deserves to be shown off. They can get trampled on and can get in the way as you are moving around throughout the day and they usually also come on huge plastic combs which any hairstylist will agree, is about the same size as your head.

I always show your bridesmaids how to carefully remove the veil without affecting the hairstyle and give them advice on caring for your veil throughout the day, such as ensuring people don't stand on it or catch it in doorways but most brides will admit their veil did annoy them at some point during the day.

Lisa's Advice

My advice would be to get married, look amazing walking down the aisle with your veil flowing behind you, your gals will sort it for you at the end of the aisle once you meet your hubby to be. Get some professional photos with the veil in tact and then... get it out.

Yes, that's the veil had its time, let that hair show, get the back of that amazing dress on show. Every bride needs some photos of the back of your dress without the veil hiding it. Some brides have admitted that this never crossed their mind until after they see their wedding photos and by then its too late.

Your veil will most likely annoy you after the service, especially during your first dance and lets face it, your hubby is definitely going to stand on it.

Alternatives to a veil

Why not opt for a glittering headpiece or a lush flower crown instead? Or perhaps a more natural look and allow your hair to be the statement piece.

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